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U.S. Mcommerce Grows Over 150% Per Year: Don’t Miss Out

Fortune recently reported that in the past four years, mobile shopping in the U.S. has grown 19-fold to total $40 billion. While many shoppers tend to wait until they get to a tablet or computer to buy more expensive items, the report found that more than a third of visits to online stores come from mobile devices and that these users are indeed making purchases while on the go.

Credit: Fortune

Don’t miss out on this quickly growing market. If your store lacks have a mobile platform, TheFind can help. Simply register for free online, submit your products and shoppers can search for and purchase items from your store on their mobile devices via TheFind.




The All New Shopping Search By TheFind, for Android Beta Program

It is projected that one out of two devices will run on Android by 2015 worldwide. Scale, usability, performance and reliability are top priorities across all teams and products at TheFind, and the Android app is no exception.  So we plan to release an all new Shopping Search by TheFind for Android the next month.

In preparation of this big release, we have created a closed community on Google Plus, to allow friends, fans, and partners to download our new app and give us feedback. We want to impress you with the completely updated Catalogs feature, which is now more visually-pleasing and contains more titles. These catalogs are shop-able, just like search results.

As partners, who would benefit from our reach, and valuable retailers who help us provide great search results for our users, we would like to invite the Android users amongst you to join the community with your gmail address.

This private Beta community is not just about an early preview or performance feedback, it’s about including our partners in our development and growth, and gaining a fan base that will help us introduce the app to Google Play with positive reviews and word of mouth. Android Screen July 7

Please join the community here, using your gmail account. Please be sure to have a Google Plus profile activated beforehand.

We look forward to seeing your participation in the community!


Your friends at TheFind







TheFind Launches Retailer Advertising Programs

Hello Retailers!

Announced today, TheFind, the most comprehensive ecommerce search engine in North America, has launched their new advertising program, which provides options for all retailers to improve their search rankings and increase and diversify their qualified traffic. TheFind has over 15 million unique monthly shoppers and more than 100,000 retailers that already receive traffic from its award-winning mobile apps and website, making it one of the largest independent retail traffic sources available. Retailers are already participating in the beta release of the program and the commercial launch is expected in mid-Q3, well in time for the start of the 2014 holiday season.

Sign up for the CPC program or CPA program options now.


“With the growing importance of mobile traffic coupled with a competitive advertising landscape, it is becoming harder for retailers to efficiently reach their customers,” says Siva Kumar, co-founder and CEO at TheFind. “Our advertising program provides an excellent opportunity for retailers to gain experience with TheFind, benchmark traffic and conversion results from our mobile apps and website to prepare for the upcoming holiday shopping season.”


TheFind’s new advertising program will enable retailers to increase traffic and visibility for promoted products. Category and product level bidding provide quality traffic with higher than average order values, more new to file customers and access to the rapidly growing mobile shopping audience. The advertising program supports both cost-per-click and revenue share based models. Those retailers already familiar with search advertising and PLAs will find it beneficial to join the cost-per-click program. Retailers who prefer marketplace type models will be able to leverage TheFind’s revenue share advertising program.


Participation is simple. If you already have an account with TheFind, you can go to the newly launched Retailer Central to log in and pick your program. If you’re not yet set up with an account, you can go to our CPA form or CPC form and enter your info.

We’ll also be at IRCE in Chicago Jun 10-12, 2014 – feel free to coome see us in booth 420 for more information!


PS – See our latest thought leadership: ‘Democratizing the Shoppable Web’ whitepaper by immr and GigaOm analyst, Dr. Phil Hendrix and try out our shopping engine comparison test to see how TheFind compares to search engines and comparison shopping sites


Check Out TheFind’s Q&A Session with CPC Strategy

Hello Retailers -

These past few months have brought dramatic changes to consumers’ eCommerce experience on major search engines. Google initiated the shift by moving from  free Product Search to paid Product Listing Ads (PLAs). To see just how much the consumer’s experience has changed, we created a microsite – – to compare the consumer’s experience and results from the major Search Engines and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs). Check out our findings here.

In our study, found the lowest price 78% of the time. Google found it 42% of the time, and Bing only 14% of the time.

Our CEO, Siva Kumar, spoke about the results and our search engine to CPC Strategy – check out the coverage at CPC Strategy.

From the blog post:

Our tag line “one search, every store, any product” succinctly illustrates our mission. We provide complete information for the shopper – free shipping, applicable coupons, reviews and social signals, local store information, store policies, payment options and more. In addition to price comparison, we display larger images and find visually similar items.

 See whole blog post at CPC Strategy

CRITICAL UPDATE: TheFind’s New Spec & FAQs

Beginning April 15th, 2014 TheFind will support only Google-format direct feeds (.txt or XML). Our thinking is simple – two specs is double the work, and why take another format when the fields we need are right in the existing Google spec?


How does this affect retailers? Positively! Switching over to the new spec will provide richer product data and adds a boost to your listings in our algorithm. Switching to the Google spec is the easiest way to get a leg up in search results. You can do it now and get ahead of the April 15 deadline – and competing stores.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I update my feed now?

A: Absolutely! We’re ready to process it as soon as you can submit it and give your products a boost for spec-change compliance.

Q: Do you want us to include product-variation level listings?

A: Yes, we want to get all variations, including their attributes. If you sell a shirt in 5 sizes and 4 colors, we want all 20 listings in the feed. Item_group_id is required in order for us to confirm that those 20 listings are in fact the same item but in variants.

Q: Can I just give you exactly what I submit to Google?

A: Absolutely!



Best wishes for a great 2014,

TheFind Retailer Team


The New Mobile Rules – Learnings From Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Dear retailers,

Great news! TheFind witnessed a 40% increase in mobile downloads this weekend leading to an increase of over 35% in overall mobile traffic from this time last year.

From our GM of Mobile:

“Mobile data at TheFind shows that users are getting more comfortable with search, and more importantly transactions, on their mobile devices, and taking advantage of the ability to compare prices to get the best deals available with retailer’s Price Match policies. Shoppers want the type of comprehensive results we are delivering and have become increasingly comfortable in leveraging TheFind regardless of platform – Web, iPad, iPhone,  or Android handsets, or while shopping using search or scan, in nearby stores, or the Web. They want a one-stop shopping experience and exhaustive price comparisons – the ability to start their shopping on one platform, and transact on another seamlessly.”

It’s clear that shoppers took advantage of TheFind’s mobile offerings to conveniently shop local products and scan to find the best deals on hot products. While brick-and-mortar stores are seeing the foot-traffic of the holiday season, shoppers are no longer shy about using showrooming tactics to get the best deals for their must-have products.

What does this mean for you, the retailer?

It means it pays to include UPC information in your feeds. It pays to add your store locations in the Merchant Center. It pays to provide product variations for those shoppers who want that Keurig Single Brew coffeemaker in red and not black.

With the shopping season ticking away, it’s important that your feed and account are optimized. Including high res images, alt images, UPCs, and shipping cost data is invaluable!

Let us know if you have any questions at


Best wishes for a great shopping season,

TheFind Merchant Team

Top Brand Predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here and that means holiday shopping will be skyrocketing. To help retailers plan for the busy shopping weekend, we’ve pulled our top consumer search trends, forecasting the brands that will be popular for holiday gift-givers as well as predicting which device will dominate mCommerce.

After looking at searches completed by our 2 million+ app users, we expect brands such as Nike, Michael Kors, Vans, Ugg® Australia and Apple to lead online shopping searches. Keep in mind these searches include apparel for men, women and children, accessories, electronics and more.

Additionally, tablet devices are predicted to rule the online holiday shopping experience. A recent Internet Retailer Mobile 500 study reports that $991 million will be spent via mobile sales in 2013 and over half – $544 million – will be spent shopping on tablets. As well, the National Retail Federation estimates that 63.2% of shoppers will use their tablets to shop, compare prices and find the best deals for their wish list items. TheFind not only enables users to shop large retailers shelves across web platforms but also those of small retailers.

So how do you make yourself visible to these mobile-savvy holiday shoppers? Here’s a quick list – check them all off and make sure you’re good to go!

  1.  UPCs: Our barcode scanning functionality uses the UPC information you provide in your data feed – make sure you’re including it so your products are visible.
  2. Local Store Info: If you have physical stores, enter their physical address and details in the Merchant Center under Store Locations & Hours. This will allow us to surface your store in local results on both desktop and mobile experiences.
  3. Large images, multiple images: Bigger images and alternate images are an important way to offer more information to the shopper before they ever go to your site. It’s a better user experience, and larger images are a weight in our ranking algorithm – just more reason to get these in!

We’ll be posting search and shopping information post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be sure to stay tuned!

View our apps.

Just in time for the Holidays – TheFind’s Best in Class iPhone App is Here

Hello Retailers,

We’ve got great news – just in time for the holiday shopping season!

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new iPhone app which personalizes users’ shopping experience based on their Facebook Likes and shopping behavior.

tf_iphone_officialWhat does the app do?

  • Lets users shop seamlessly whenever, wherever on their iPhone, iPad, iPod or
  • Personalizes users’ shopping results based on their taste and style, as determined from Facebook likes and shopping behavior
  • Allows users to scan UPC barcodes quickly and accurately to get the best price available
  • Sees items available online and at local stores
  • Highlights Price Match availability in stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Toys-R-Us
  • Organizes receipts, purchases, and shipping information automatically

“We designed our new iPhone app to change the way consumers shop, giving those who love the in-store shopping experience a tool to locate the best deals on-the-go using TheFind,” said Ramneek Bhasin, Vice President and GM, Mobile of TheFind. “Our website and apps sync to make it simple for people to find items they’ve scanned, searched and bookmarked.”

Are you ready to make the most of this new experience? Here’s a checklist – see where you have room to optimize:

1)   Large images: are the images in your feed *at least* 600×600? Images play a big part in our user experience and improve your products’ visibility, so make sure they’re as high-res as possible.

2)   Alt images: are you including alt images in your feed? Users want to carousel through multiple views of your products if available, so send them over.

3)   UPCs: Our new app has barcode scan technology to let them shop from anywhere. Make sure your products aren’t left out – send over the UPCs!

4)   Free Shipping: now is the time to let us know if you have shipping deals – enter them in the Merchant Center or set the shipping price within the feed!

alt_iphone2alt_iphone1Download the app here and let us know what you think. We’re looking forward to a fantastic holiday shopping season!

Best wishes for a great Q4,

TheFind Merchant Team

Check Out VentureBeat’s Coverage of TheFind

Earlier today, at, we announced the total number of shopping searches by visitors to the site and users of the mobile apps just crossed the one billion mark. The number of searches accelerated in the last quarter, and VentureBeat gave us a resounding testimonial.

From the article:

‘By combining metadata about each product with your own preferences and social graph, TheFind could ultimately show you things you want, without even knowing you wanted them, as well as put small retailers in front of consumers who may not have found them otherwise.’


100M+ Mobile Searches



1 Billion Shoppers Served and Counting…

Shoppers are flocking to TheFind for the greatest variety of online products and the best deals. In fact, today we’re announcing that the number of shopper searches crossed the 1 billion mark.

The growth is partly thanks to our personalization of the shopping experience some months ago. Consumers have responded and the number of mobile shoppers, in particular iPad users, is skyrocketing. For instance, during the upcoming holiday period, we expect half our searches will originate on mobile devices, up from 30 percent today.

Check out our infographic that talks about how the TheFind updated over 40 trillion products just in the last year alone, to reflect new products, price changes and current discounts.

The infographic shows key holiday shopping statistics, the top purchased products and the most visited stores in 2013. Who would have thought the 5th most searched “Kids and Family” item was Batman sheets? Holy Rip Van Winkle.